Jacquee T.

Jacquée Thomas is an authoress, poet, lyricist and columnist. Miss Thomas’s background includes extensive Western European travel, knowledge of the Spanish language and involvement in Chicago’s Rockabilly scene.

She was born in southeast Minnesota and attended college at UW-Madison, as well as a semester abroad in London. While in Madison she became active in the Ark Repertory Theatre. She was an actress for scripted plays, a children’s theatre director and a member of Ark’s Improvisational Comedy Collective. As a member of the Collective, her predecessors included Joan and Bill Cusack and Chris Farley. She performed improvisation, wrote and directed skits that included herself and other Collective members. Miss Thomas authored and was one of the voices in “Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday,” a radio soap opera satire that aired weekly on Madison’s public radio station.

A restless urbanite, Miss Thomas moved to Chicago. She was a computer instructor at Wright College and a freelance writer for the “Chicago Sun-Times” and “New City” magazine before she became columnist for “Letter from Chicago.”

Jacquée T. lives in Chicago. She foresees a hearty sojourn in Paris in her future. She loves to explore her surroundings wherever she is. She relishes scrumptious wine, needs to dance and knows naught but romance.

Her first novel, A Poet’s Moon, is available at She has started several other novels, and has nonfiction book projects covering subjects of travel, Chicago aspects and single life.

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