Poetry to share — on the coffee table or nightstand

Jacquee T.'s poetry book makes a fabulous giftO yes! Share reflection, smiles, and profundity when you share Jacquée T.’s poetry book Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries).
     This book displays well wherever you set it, and has a design that entices people to open it. To boot, it inspires those who open it to enjoy a bit o poetry, so that they want to talk about it.
     Growing Up is a treasure to own, and easy to share. Here are more details, including how to purchase your copies.

’Tis designed as a keepsake.
     Growing Up the pain, the joy, the discoveries) poems, quotes and essays by Jacquée T. is an elegantly-sized 7″ x 7″ book with a beautifully-designed book jacket. Beneath the jacket is a cloth blue hardcover with silver silk screen print for the title and spine. A red ribbon bookmark offers an easy marker for favorite pages.
Jacquee T.'s poetry book -- back
     Inside includes “accessible poetry,” as Jacquée Thomas, known as Jacquée T., describes. The poems are engaging, and easy to read. Their tones range from somberness, to vigor, to a sense of humor. “Both men and women respond passionately.”

’Tis designed to share.
     Place Growing Up on your coffee table to share with family and guests. Or, place it on the nightstand of your guestroom for overnight guests.
’Tis appealing to the eye, whether placed face-up or face-down. You or your guests may open to any page and be drawn to a poem, essay or quote, read it and be tantalized to turn to another.

Jacquee T.'s poetry book -- spine


Gift Growing Up
What a fabulous, unexpected gift that folks will remember for years to come. Here are Three Ways to gift Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries).

Get your copies
Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries) is $20.00 USD. This is a “Love you!” price  for this keepsake book that is top quality aesthetically as a beautiful hardcover book, and that is most memorable for the pages inside.

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